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Gutted - The importance of good gut health

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About this course

The importance of good gut health.

In this live Q&A, Lisa discusses the following topics:

- What do we mean by a healthy gut?

- The gut-brain axis

- How does gut health relate to pregnancy

- What are pre and probiotics

- How can you improve your gut health


We've also got the audio version of the Q&A if you're not able to sit and watch the video.


On the last point of the Q&A Lisa talked about how you can improve your gut health. One way is to make sure you are eating a variety of plantbased foods. So we started a 2 week challenge to eat at least 30 different plantbased foods each week.

To help with this challenge we created some resources for you:

A shopping list to help you with things count towards your 30 and a 2 charts: 1 to track your plantbased foods and the other to track how you are feeling from day to day.

Course Structure

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Live Q&A

Live Q&A with our nutritionist, Lisa Bhatt to discuss the importance of good gut health and how we can achieve this through various factors, but mainly through the introduction of more plant based foodss

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Live Q&A - Challenge wrap up

We wrap up our plant diversity challenge with another Q&A with Lisa to discuss our experiences during the challenge and hear her thoughts on how to successfully continue adding more plant based foods to our daily menu.