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Motherhood is an extreme sport, which means we, as mums, should consider ourselves athletes!  I’m sure you can attest that there is a real mental toughness required to balance everything that comes with it.


I know I wasn’t prepared for how many times I thought, “I’ve got to do everything perfectly so appear to be the perfect mum” or “If I let on how hard this is, I’m a failure”. I thought I’d just naturally know how to be a great mother alongside my other responsibilities.


Most of us will have many of these prevalent thoughts going through our minds daily without ever saying them out loud. Most of these will fall into 5 categories: overinvestment, perfectionism, fear of failure, expectations, emotions. 


We want to do our best to learn to identify these thoughts and learnt to deal with them.


Acknowledging them is a great first step, as it means you are willing to work on your mind. Working on your mind is just as important as working on your body. And just like working on your body, it is a habit you need to build and do daily. Some habits you can practice in as little as 5 minutes and some might take a little longer, but there is something you can do everyday.


On the next page you’ll find 4 things to do this week to help you work on your mindset.

Some things will push you out of your comfort zone or you might find them weird. But do your best to do them all, especially the daily affirmations.


It takes time to retrain your mind, so please be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or just don’t seem to be getting it. You will with time.

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Your mindset as a mum is so important.

How you think about yourself, speak to yourself and view yourself all influence how you show up as a parent.

How you view the world an your role in the world has an affect on how you view yourself as a parent and partner. It's important to know what your mindset is now and what some adjustments to your mindset can help you achieve in the future.

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Movement is an amazing way to celebrate what your body is going through with pregnancy and post birth.

If you are well and it is safe for you to do so, then keeping active through your pregnancy is great for you and the baby.

Post pregnancy, movement is all about healing your body and keeping you strong for all the things that come with motherhood.

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I don't want you to feel like your nutrition has to be this big thing that you can't get right.

Yes, there seems to be so many rules out there about what and how to eat. Countless diets/shakes/weight loss programmes are popping up on our social media feeds, so no wonder many of us find this topic so confusing.

Your menu doesn't have to be confusing.

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Self care is not selfish and making time for it in your daily or weekly schedule should rank high on your list of priorities.

I know for many of us this might not be the case, especially in those first few weeks and months when our babies are still small and need us a lot. But we can all agree that you need to feel great, in whatever way you can, to be able to give to those around you.