Prioritising Me

In her series, Prioritising Me, Michelle talks about the importance of you carving out time for yourself.

We know that this can be really hard for mums, so Michelle also talks about why this is the case by exploring mum guilt and the notion that mums believe that self-care is selfish and that everyone else needs to be taken care of first.

You can either watch all the videos in one go, or watch one at a time, complete the actions set out, think about the points mentioned and then come back to watch the next one.

Each video is going to build on the next video and each lesson has a set of tasks to complete. Print off the workbooks for each lesson and take your time to complete each one.

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Gutted - The importance of good gut health

Live Q&A on the importance of gut health.

What is your gut microbiome and microbiota?

What are pre and probiotics?

What can happen if your gut isn't healthy?

Lisa Bhatt, our nutritionist covers all this and more in this Q&A.

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The 4M's Guide

What is Strong For Everyday all about?

The Strong For Everyday system is based on 4 key principles that all work together to help mums feel connected, healthy and empowered to tackle life and parenthood each day: The 4 M’s: Mindset, Menu, Movement and Me-Time.

This guide is an introduction to each M. As well as information on each M, each section provides you with some tips on how to integrate something from them into your everyday life.


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Postnatal Movement Guide

A 12 week training programme for new mums returning to exercise after birth, at the earliest 6 weeks after birth (or 12 weeks after a c-section). This is also great if you're a new mum who has never exercised before. The plan is split into 4 phases, with each phase designed to challenge you a little more and make you stronger each week.

What to expect

You'll start off building solid foundations by rebuilding your core, connecting to the deeper core muscles and simply building the habit of moving on a regular basis. Then you progress to adding more resistance training as well as incorporating some interval and circuit training to finish the 12 weeks strong.

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Workout Videos Library

A library of workout videos that you can do in your own time.

All videos come with instructions of how to do all the exercises.


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Live Workouts Replays

If you're unable to join the live workouts, then you can find the replays here. The replays for each workout will be saved for a month.



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Postnatal Depression & why we need to talk about it

It's something many of us have experienced but might have found hard to come to terms with or perhaps even ashamed to talk about it.  

"I love my baby, but I hate how I feel"

"I always wanted to be a mum, but I'm beginning to feel link I'm not good enough"

"I want to be there for my child, but I always feel exhausted"

"I wish there was someone I could talk to, but I'm worried they'll think I'm a bad mum"

Does this sound like you?

You are not alone, and one of the benefits of being part of the Strong For Everyday community is that we get to talk about topics like this in a safe space and judgement free zone.

We know that Postnatal Depression can be caused by various things, hormonal shifts following birth and during breastfeeding, physical changes that happen post birth that might have a negative effect on mum’s mental health, draining lack of sleep and simply finding the newness and unfamiliarity of motherhood overwhelming.


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